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Board Development


The Council on Educational Standards and Accountability believes viable schools can only become strong and remain strong when the board is committed to leading in an appropriate and professional manner.  As a result, CESA supports a board model that:

  • is responsible for oversight of the broad policy of the institution
  • hires, evaluates, and supports the head of school
  • oversees the fiduciary matters of the institution
  • raises the necessary funds to operate the school

This model maintains that the head of school is hired to be the Chief Operating Officer and to run the day-to-day business of the school.  Subject to board oversight, the head manages the organization, implementing board-approved policies and addressing the strategic goals of the school.  Thus, the board is responsible for determining the strategic direction of the school and for providing the requisite support and resources to the head of school.

CESA also maintains that the healthy board has consistent and ongoing training to ensure all board members know and understand the  governing responsibilities of the board itself and acknowledge and accept their responsibilities as individual board members.