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CESA Core Values

Core Values

CESA’s primary purpose is to grow strong Christian schools by growing leaders within those schools. It serves Christian schools and Christian organizations through leadership services, academic enrichment, programmatic development, professional development, and by providing fellowship and collegiality to leaders within Christian schools. 

CESA accomplishes this purpose through the promotion of four core values:

1.  Cohesive Christian Identity
  • CESA affirms the Nicene Creed as its statement of faith with expectation that all member schools ascribe to its tenets.
  • CESA seeks to advance Christ’s Kingdom through its educational outcomes.
  • CESA is committed to institutions whose programs reflect intentionality to program, policy, and culture that reflects Biblical ideology and Christian thought.
  • CESA affirms the Lordship of Christ and the authority of Scripture.
  • CESA is committed to ecumenical Christianity as differing perspectives and histories can enable institutional growth and improvement.

2.  Pedagogical Sanctification

  • CESA affirms that learning is a deeply sacred process.
  • CESA affirms institutions and programs that require appropriate challenge for all students.
  • CESA affirms that a sense of striving in all academic areas enables a deeper knowledge of the Holy and preparation for a life of human flourishing.

3.  Collegiality

  • CESA adheres to objective standards agreed upon by the Council meant to foster institutional improvement.
  • CESA schools agree that the spirit of humility accompanies accountability in striving for school-wide excellence, as reflected in the standards and school best practices.
  • CESA promotes a culture and ethos built upon a foundation of accountability within the CESA community and the body of Christ.

4.  Purposeful Community

  • CESA is committed to building and equipping leaders through collegiality and relationships of like-minded school leaders. 
  • CESA promotes a commitment to thoughtful and engaged dialogue centered on philosophies, research, and experiences that promote institutional improvement.
  • CESA is committed to facilitating opportunities for like-minded leaders to gather for the purpose of personal and institutional growth. 
  • CESA is committed to focused engagement between member schools for the purpose of mutual institutional growth and for the greater good of Christian schooling.