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Christian Academy of Knoxville


Christian Academy of Knoxville  (Knoxville, TN)


Strong Christian leadership is essential for our school. We are grateful for people who are professionally qualified, who love and know children, and who by the pattern of their lives in and out of the school exemplify Christ.

Position: Assistant Varsity Football Coach

Job Summary: The Christian Academy of Knoxville (CAK) coach/teacher must be a spiritually sensitive individual who understands the mission and philosophy of the school. The coach/teacher must be a born-again Christian with spiritual maturity in academic and leadership abilities that will enable him/her to teach God’s truth. The ability to communicate well with various types of people, handle confidential information appropriately, maintain a courteous, professional, and respectful attitude and integrity in all situations are prerequisites.

Candidates should have a strong understanding of subject specific content and instructional strategies in addition to demonstrating well developed organizational and communication skills. Candidates should also have knowledge of recent research concerning learning and the brain and how to apply that knowledge in the classroom. 

This is an ideal opportunity to teach in a Christian school community that focuses on the whole child and values best practices as well as the highest standards of excellence.

We are specifically seeking football coaches for our Varsity Football Staff.  Staff Positions include: Offensive Coordinator and Position Coaches on both Defense and Offense.

At this time, teaching positions are "to be determined". These may include certified personnel within our High School or Middle School.

The ability to coach additional (winter / spring) sports would be an advantage to our program.

***Salary would be determined based on openings for a teaching position and/or coaching responsibilities.


Coordinates all offensive duties, including, but not limited to:

  • Staffing
  • Preparation
  • Meetings
  • Player Evaluations
  • Opponent Scouting
  • Self Scouting
  • Practice Planning
  • Game Planning
  • Assist with Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Offensive Goals
  • Game Day Travel


We offer an aggressive traditional college preparatory curriculum with block scheduling. Yet, the most important element in making CAK effective is the strong leadership and excellence of our teachers.

We believe our teachers must:

  • Have a growing and dynamic relationship with Christ,
  • Be excellent in their field,
  • Hold high standards, and
  • Be capable of inspiring a range of students to reach their potential.

For more information and to complete an on-line application, please go to our website, On the homepage, click on “About Us,” click on “Employment Opportunities.” Please complete the teaching application and submit to us.

About Christian Academy of Knoxville

CAK admits students of any race, national origin, and gender and does not discriminate on these bases in its educational policies, financial aid, and co-curricular and school-administered programs.

CAK is a non-denominational Christian school that is committed to partnering with Christian families. Our desire is to create and enhance a Christian community that compliments and supplements each family’s church participation AND seeks to stand alongside each family to support in any way possible. We are intentional in our approach to educating students in a way that reflects relationships, excellence, and service all to the glory of God. This distinction guides our curriculum as we seek to help students develop a Biblical worldview and integrate their faith into the various disciplines of study. Students come from more than 100 different denominations. This diversity provides a backdrop to challenge students through chapels and Bible curriculum, as well as numerous opportunities to practice their faith through serving others.

Christian Academy of Knoxville is characterized by:

  • A mature student culture, opportunities for leadership,
  • A beautiful 77-acre campus, strong academic credentials,
  • Consistently positive parent and alumni feedback, expanding facilities, and
  • A personal, spirit-led, focused learning environment