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Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy  (Cincinnati, OH)

Current Positions Available:    

Music Teacher Grades K-4

Full-time 5-day position teaching grades K-4 music, beginning August 2018.  An experienced music education teacher who is committed to working with elementary students using a cohesive and sound pedagogical approach.  Candidate should demonstrate a passion to further develop a well-established program.  A Bachelor's degree in Music or Music Education with current Ohio licensure and demonstrated competence in music instruction is required.  Successful applicants must also have strong keyboard skills, experience directing musicals, and must be committed to teaching in a Christ-centered community.


Preschool Aide

Part-time positions beginning in August.  $13-15 per hour.

Support classroom teachers in all aspects of running a preschool classroom.  Supervise large and small groups of children.  Nurture young children in their faith.  Keep the classroom neat, clean and organized.  Work with small groups of children to facilitate their learning.

Various time slots available:  7-12:30, 11:30-5:00, 12:00-5:30, 12:30-6:00

Qualifications:  Experience working with young children ages 2 to 5 years of age.



Technology Teacher – Part Time

Bachelor degree preferred with experience and strong communication skills.

Ability to work with peers and students in grades PK-6: plan and communicate with team to
develop and/or improve student computer skills: manage technology inventory: ensure that
technology equipment is in good working order. Two day a week position.


For a complete list of openings as well as job descriptions visit the employment page by clicking here.

If you are interested in applying for a position at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy please visit the employment page by clicking here.


Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (CHCA) is a Christ-centered, multi-denominational, college preparatory PK-12 school with approximately 1,400 students (Cincinnati’s largest PK-12 independent school). CHCA operates four programs: Early Childhood Learning Center, Lower School, Upper School, and the ArmlederSchool (in downtown Cincinnati).  A majority of our students are located across three campuses in NE Cincinnati.  Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy exists to educate students in a Christian environment where the best in academics, athletics, arts, enrichment opportunities and other extracurricular activities are available.  Students come to CHCA from over 160 different churches, and through the guidance of expert, Christian teachers, they are challenged to discover, develop and own a lasting, personal faith in Jesus Christ. The learning environment at CHCA is inherently positive, encouraging each student’s unique God-given gifts and abilities to their fullest.  Beginning with the end in mind, CHCA graduates young adults fully prepared to succeed in college and beyond, for lives of significant impact and influence. 

Our Mission

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy is a Christ-centered, multi-denominational, college preparatory academy that exists to prepare students intellectually and spiritually for success in higher education and beyond, and to impact and influence the world according to their unique gifts and talents. This will be accomplished by:

  1. Creating an environment that encourages students, faculty, staff and families to develop and live out their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Developing a passion for lifelong learning that leads to thoughtful, effective service through excellent, intentional curriculum and extra-curricular offerings.
  3. Empowering outstanding Christian faculty and staff to fully use their passions and expertise to create engaged critical thinkers.
  4. Fostering an exceptional environment that develops students’ gifts and talents in the arts, athletics, leadership, and additional extra-curricular opportunities for God’s purposes.
  5. Building an engaged school community – encompassing faculty, staff, students, families, alumni, and donors – that reinforces the school’s vision, mission and core values.


Our Vision

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy will unleash each student’s God-given gifts through Christ-centered academic excellence. We are devoted to developing the whole person, and instilling a lifelong passion for learning, leading and serving.


Our Core Values


We believe in following how Christ himself led, served, taught, loved, and lived; we strive to base all we do on His word.


We believe in reflecting we are an academy of learning. It is our primary, but not exclusive, goal to prepare our students academically for college and beyond.


We believe in recognizing all are gifted by God in unique ways. We believe in developing all forms of spiritual, intellectual, artistic, and athletic gifts in each student to their fullest potential.


We believe in the power of servanthood. Servant leadership will be taught, modeled, and encouraged to all students, staff, and families, so that all are equipped for the situations in life when God calls them to lead.


We believe in modeling Christ in all we do. We will provide opportunities daily and through special events for students, staff, and families to share Christ’s love through service and witnessing to others.


We believe in acknowledging that we are blessed in many ways. We as a school will model strong fiscal stewardship and will encourage, train, and expect students, staff, and families to be wise and generous stewards over their time, talents, and money.


We believe in the Value of Each Person: Demonstrating biblical equality, we will embrace each individual as a distinct creation of God, ensure an emotionally, socially, and physically safe and nurturing environment, and intentionally enroll a student body, faculty, and staff who reflect the socioeconomic and racial make-up of the community in which we live.


We believe in acting intentionally. We will foster a vibrant, connected culture of empathy, fellowship, and respect among students, staff, and parents.


We will hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards of integrity, excellence, and constant measurable improvement.


We believe in having an attitude of gratitude for God’s blessings that are lived out in everyday smiles, laughter, and by celebrating demonstrated character and unique achievements. This results in a contagious joy that connects at the heart level.


Our Promise Statement

Centered in the shared love of Christ,
Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy is the college-preparatory,
preschool through grade 12 independent school 
that inspires and challenges students to discover, hone,
and steward their one-of-a-kind gifts 
as they come to know themselves as distinct
and unconditionally loved creations of God. 

CHCA’s vibrant, multi-denominational family of learners

creates a sheltering—but not sheltered— 
environment where, supporting each other and guided
by expert Christian teachers, 
students wrestle with increasingly complex,
timeless, essential questions in order 
to strengthen their minds and their faith. 

Beginning with the end in mind, CHCA graduates

young adults fully prepared to succeed in college and beyond; 
to engage effectively and lovingly with different cultures,
viewpoints, and ideas; and to achieve significant impact 
and influence with discerning wisdom, courageous curiosity,
and resilient Christian faith—
where others pull back, they lean into life