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The Council on Educational Standards and Accountability adheres to the belief that a school’s curriculum must reflect an individual school’s mission and core values.  While the popular philosophy of quality curriculum has promoted everything from John Dewey’s student-centered discovery learning to the “shopping mall high school” of the 1980’s, CESA maintains the view that a high quality curriculum is a core of content-rich and skills driven courses.  CESA maintains that a high quality curriculum must require its learners to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be culturally, mathematically, and scientifically literate as well as to be excellent writers and speakers to ensure that the learners are able to, in the words of British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, “…know when someone is talking rot.”  To that end, CESA believes the hallmarks of a high quality curriculum:

  • Include a teaching staff that is engaged in systematic and regular curriculum planning
  • Reflect a content-rich approach
  • Include a purposefully and appropriately integrated skills scaffold 
  • Reflect emphasis on and measurement of communication skills 
  • Reflect vertical and horizontal alignment 
  • Is evaluated frequently