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Prestonwood Christian Academy

Prestonwood Christian Academy  (Plano, TX)


Prestonwood Christian Academy provides engaging and creative learning, combined with a structured and caring environment, as well as, teaching from a biblical worldview. Our degreed and experienced teachers partner with parents and aspire to provide the foundation for future PCA graduates attaining:  a fear and respect for God, a strong work ethic with an eternal perspective, a rigorous intellectual path resulting in a biblical worldview, a critical thinking mind and mastery of multiple curriculum objectives, as well as a demonstration of the love of Christ to all people.

PCA offers a nurturing environment where every child is challenged to meet their full potential as they are introduced to the world of ideas. Classrooms provide an active, vibrant atmosphere where learning is fun and teachers meet each child’s individual learning needs. Small groups and differentiated instruction contribute significantly to the quality of our academic program. Comprised of an administrative team, quality teachers and support personnel, PCA provides excellent language arts, math, science, social studies, Bible and fine arts programs which integrate a broad liberal arts curriculum, enabling students to develop meaningful connections and an understanding of concepts and traditional disciplines in light of God’s world. 

We encourage you to preview our current available positions and learn more about our school as you carefully consider your next steps.

2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR




STEP 1: Read Staff Expectations and Statements of Doctrinal Beliefs. Proceeding to Step 2 affirms your commitment to the expectations presented in the aforementioned document.

STEP 2: Download, save as your own document and electronically complete the Personal/Doctrinal Questions before proceeding to the next step. Tip: Save as “PCA Doctrinal Questions” so it is readily available when you apply online.

STEP 3: To apply, please click "HERE" below and be prepared to upload your Cover letter, Resume and Personal/Doctrinal Questions at a minimum. The ADP system will populate your Contact, Education, Employment and Skills information from your resume. The application is primarily Yes/No/Short Answer questions.

Please note, the online application does not allow for you to save and come back, so please allow ample time to apply (approximately 30 minutes assuming you have already completed the Personal/Doctrinal Questions beforehand).

Please write down your username and password in case you need to edit your uploaded resume or apply for other positions.

Below are the documents that will need to be uploaded for your application to be complete:

  • Resume*
  • Cover Letter*
  • Completed Personal/Doctrinal Questions*
  • Teaching Certificate (if applicable)
  • Transcripts
  • (2) Professional Reference Letters
  • (1) Spiritual Reference Letter

*minimum requirement to apply

Uploading available teaching certificate, college transcripts and written references assists the hiring manager in evaluating your qualifications. If they are not currently available they can be sent under separate cover to

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