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Renewal - 5-Year

  • $1,000 Institutional Review Fee
  • The visiting team (typically 4 members, including the chair) will visit your campus for 3 days/2 nights. The school being visited is responsible for all travel expenses for the visiting team.

CESA Five-Year Renewal Report   

    As part of the CESA membership renewal process, each school is required to complete an Institutional Review Visit, submit a Five-Year Renewal Report, and complete the following:

    Part I: Schedule an Institutional Review Visit with the Institutional Review Director, Jim Marsh. (See “The Institutional Review Visit” located in the “Applying to CESA/Renewal” tab on the CESA website).

     Part II: Complete an Institutional Standards Report that includes an assessment of each of the standards listed in the “Applying to CESA” tab on the CESA website: M -Meets, DNM - Does Not Meet, or IP- In Progress) with a brief narrative explanation of each one.

     Part III: Complete a report that states progress made thus far toward completion of the continuous improvement plan of the school as outlined in the School Achievement Plan (SAP) approved by the CESA board after the last Institutional Review.  

     Please list all standards marked DNM or IP in the last SAP with a narrative explanation of what steps have been made to bring the school in compliance.


    Standard 2.6.1 The board of trustees conducts a thorough comparative compensation evaluation for the head of school at a minimum of every five years.

    In Progress:  Completing a comprehensive evaluation of head of school compensation, including benefits and multiple year contracts, would be in the best interests of the board as it strives to ensure     leadership stability, sustainability, and flourishing.

    Steps taken to bring the school in compliance. 

    Part IV: The CESA visiting team made recommendations for your consideration in their report with the intention of benefiting the school in its continuous improvement efforts. Please list each recommendation and any action taken.


    Recommendation: While the review team commends the school for recent changes in the leadership structure and personnel, we believe it would be important to complete an organizational assessment to determine if there are staffing gaps that need to be filled in order to meet the ambitious goals and strategies included in the strategic plan.

    School’s response: 

    Part V: Submit all of the documents listed in the “Institutional Review Visit” section on the CESA website.

    Note:  The cost of the second and subsequent Institutional Reviews are as follows: