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Resurrection Christian School

Resurrection Christian School  (Loveland, CO)


Our mission at RCS is to train, teach, and equip our students to be boldy christian, academically equipped, and globally prepared for every good work.

Boldy Christian

Jesus Christ is the center of everything that we do. He was before the foundation of the world, and all things exist in and through Him. It is our heart and call to teach each student about their life in Christ. It is our mission to help the student to discover his/her identity. This philosophy saturates everything we do: classroom lectures, homework, athletics, clubs, etc…

Academically Equipped

God created all things including knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. We hold the highest value to teach students and equip them academically in order to be competitive and impactful to the world around them. We hold to the absolute highest standards in academia.

Globally prepared

There is a clear calling for every Christian to go to the ends of the world to spread the love of Christ and message of the gospel. We teach students how to live outside of themselves, to give for the sake of others, and have a heart that breaks for the weak and the broken. equipping prepares students both spiritually and academically for the global world, economy, cultural awareness, anywhere in country/world


RCS Cornerstones

  • Christ – In everything we do we want to reflect Jesus.
  • Ethical Foundations – Integrity, honesty, concern for others, responsibility, work ethic/best effort.
  • Academic Achievement – Every student learning, progressing, and achieving wherever he/she is on the learning continuum.
  • High Behavioral Standards – Do your personal best; adults as role models; clear expectations for staff and students.
  • Every Student Connected – Reach out to every student; know names; go the extra mile.
  • Faculty and Staff – Treat others – everyone – the way we want to be treated.


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