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In 2010, fifteen nationally and internationally exemplary Christian schools determined that institutional excellence and institutional integrity are their priorities and therefore came together with the Council on Educational Standards and Accountability leadership team to brainstorm and develop plans for an organization of Christian schools that would seek to impact education both nationally and internationally.  

These fifteen schools committed time, intellectual capital, and financial capital to ensure CESA could be born, would be thoughtfully and strategically developed, and would provide resources for Christian schools to realize their potential as rigorous academic institutions committed to programmatic excellence and distinction, for the glory of God. CESA is an organization that believes deeply in and was founded upon the concept of Christian community; we believe transparency and accountability allow us to be the best schools we can be. We believe that when school leaders come into the CESA community humbly, transparently, and with the desire to improve, transformational leadership and practices will allow our schools to thrive for Christ.

Today, CESA serves Christian schools through leadership services, academic enrichment, programmatic development, professional development, and by providing fellowship and fraternity to those who serve within Christian institutions. The CESA Standards of Accountability(c) and the related Audit is the basis of our membership. Coming alongside schools and organizations, CESA seeks to enable Christian schools with rigorous, objective standards to guide their development, providing schools with the tools necessary to reach such standards and the networks necessary to propel Christian schools with excellence and accountability as their hallmarks. With fraternity as one of our core values, CESA connects school leaders with one another to meet their goals. The continuous input of other school leaders and accountability to the Council allows for real school improvement over time.

CESA Member Schools (Members of Council) are those that have passed the Audit conducted by CESA Member School Heads. CESA Member Schools are granted full membership and have access to all of the rights and privileges.  Please see the CESA Member of Council page for a full description.