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Whitefield Academy

Whitefield Academy  (Mableton, GA)

Whitefield Academy, a Christ-centered college preparatory school, exists to bolster Christian families in rearing young people who go on to college and life with a passion for learning, for others ahead of self, and for the living and active Jesus. 


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Future Opportunities
Whitefield Academy continually seeks uniquely gifted and qualified individuals who demonstrate excellence in their field and passion for our unique mission. We hope to begin relationships with qualified applicants who may be considered for future opportunities, even though the need and timing of joining our school is uncertain. We welcome your interest and submission of your resume and cover letter to

Substitute Teachers: We interview for substitutes in September and January and/or on an as-needed basis. To be considered for our substitute list, please complete the Staff Application. 


Whitefield Academy holds a unique history, central to its identity as a school. The school is named after George Whitefield, the eighteenth-century English evangelist, who remains closely associated with the Great Awakening in North America. Early American history remembers him for his courageous and influential proclamation of the gospel across denominational, geographic, and socioeconomic lines. 

The seeds are sown … 

Members of the founding board of Whitefield Academy agree that the formation of the school was not a man-made plan, but led by God’s purposes and provision. During 1995 and 1996 the Lord was at work in the hearts of a number of different parent groups and people who were praying separately for a new school of choice for Christian families in the Atlanta area. During this time, the paths of two people crossed: Chuck Johnston, former Trinity School headmaster and an educational visionary, and Stacy Quiros, current fine arts director. As a result of their meeting, fourteen men and women assembled to pray for the establishment of a thoroughly Christ-centered, covenant school for Christian families who were zealously seeking excellent academics, mentoring faculty, diverse community, and an uncompromised biblical emphasis. 

A dream is merged… 

While in this season of prayer, Chuck Johnston providentially met Dr. David Jones, the chairman of the board of Mount Vernon Christian Academy. Mount Vernon Christian Academy had upheld a strong Christian focus for many years, but was a small institution in financial stress due to the many private school alternatives in the area. The two men began discussing the state of Christian education in the Atlanta area. This conversation led to the board of Mount Vernon and the prayer group joining together to find a way to merge their dreams for a strong Christian institution. 

An amazing gift… 

After eight months of meeting together weekly for prayer, dialogue, study, and analysis, as well as consulting a development advisor, an option was clear. The prayer group could merge with Mount Vernon Christian Academy, which would provide its facilities to operate a Christian school under a new name, However, this plan would require an investment of one half million dollars to open the school by August of 1997, a financial need that seemed insurmountable. In response, the group knelt and prayed that if the school was God’s will, He would provide the $500,000. The very next morning, one of the women from this prayer group received a check for that exact amount from a non-profit foundation in which she was involved. The foundation manager told her, “God woke me up in the middle of the night and told me to give $500,000 toward the school you are planning to start.” The foundation manager was unaware of the group’s prayer the night before, and both women rejoiced at God’s miraculous answer to prayer. After months of due diligence, discussions, planning, and continued prayer, Whitefield Academy was formed and situated on the former Mount Vernon Christian Academy campus. 

Building for the future … 

After three short years of growth, Whitefield sold the campus of the former Mount Vernon Christian Academy, which provided the seed money to move to its present location. The initial classroom building constructed is now named Founders Hall in gratitude for those men and women who followed the Lord’s leading in beginning this school. 

When founded, Whitefield the school included grades six through twelve. In 2002, the Lower School was added, and the school has continued to build and grow from there. Today, Whitefield Academy enrolls approximately 800 students in grades PreK4 through 12. In addition, an outstanding faculty and robust arts and athletics programs matriculate students to the top colleges and universities in America. The school holds fast to its founding vision and core values: 

  • Academic excellence in a college preparatory program taught from a Biblical worldview
  • Covenantal education in which the faculty, administrators, board of trustees and parents form a partnership to educate, encourage, and instruct students in a Christ-centered community.
  • Enrollment reflecting the racial, ethnic and economic diversity within the body of Christ
  • Effective servant leadership as a characteristic of the Whitefield Academy graduates who are prepared to make a difference in their world for Christ
  • Faithful stewardship of the talents and resources of the faculty, students and the entire Whitefield community, so that God gets the glory
  • Modeling excellent Christian education in the United States